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This module provides a broad context for understanding developments in the discipline of history during the modern period and how historians approach their discipline. It asks students to consider what form of thinking and writing (what kind of human endeavour) ‘history’ is, and to relate it to key historiographical developments. The analysis of a selected number of primary sources train students in historical methods Introduction to History is also intended to develop students’ abilities in study, research, and oral and written communication, through a programme of seminars, lectures and essay work.

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Introduction to History 2020/2021 Ended 31/08/2021 14/07/2020 19:36:20
Introduction to History 2019/2020 Ended 31/08/2020 06/08/2019 06:03:49
Introduction to History 2017/2018 Ended 31/08/2018 03/05/2017 04:54:06